You Have to Change to Grow…

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I had the opportunity to visit JBFC for a week in June, after an absence of two years.  I could not believe the changes that have taken place on campus–new dorms, updated guest and staff houses, the Secondary School, restaurant and bungalows, four new Mamas, and most importantly, fifteen new, beautiful, happy girls! 

 On my second night at JBFC I had the privilege of attending the opening of Papa’s Cafe–the restaurant and training center on campus.  It was a very special night and our JBFC students did a wonderful job!
The students were all in finals at the time I was there, and I saw first-hand how seriously they take their studies, and how dedicated the teachers of JBFC are.  I would often see teachers staying after and helping students one-on-one with their study and preparation for their exams.  My daughter Liz had spent several weeks in May and June helping out in the Secondary School.  She was very impressed with the teachers as well!!  Once again, I got to bring a music class to the younger students, and we had a lot of fun!! 
It was a pleasure to meet George and Connie, two staff members, and spend time with them and Kris and Kayci. They are very committed to the girls and the students of JBFC.  Chris has a great team! 
Chris brought me out to see the farm and livestock facility.  That is all new too since I was last at JBFC.  With goats, cows, and tilapia ponds, JBFC’s agricultural program has grown into an amazing operation.
I spent a number of mornings with Esther—the young girl you have all read about.  Esther came to JBFC very malnourished, weighing just 14 pounds at four years old. Despite her rough start in life, JBFC’s nurturing has helped her start an incredible turnaround. She was recovering from a broken femur, and had to spend much of her time in her dorm room on her bed, in order to let her leg heal.  She is amazing, and is growing and thriving.  She is speaking a lot more now and is blowing kisses and singing!  Her smile and laughter are heartwarming, and she is loved by all the girls. 

While there have been many changes at JBFC, there are some things that have stayed the same.  There are still the squeals of joy and delight when you arrive, and tears and hugs when you leave.  And music still fills the air with the girls voices raised in song.


It is so special to see how these girls are growing into beautiful, caring, capable young women. 

Guest Blogger Kristin Bender is JBFC’s Board President. She has served on the board of directors since 2008 and is an avid volunteer.

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