What We’re Thankful For

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Editor’s Note: Every Thanksgiving, we take a little time to talk to the JBFC Girls about what they’re thankful for this holiday season. While Thanksgiving is an American holiday, gratitude is universal. And it’s definitely in abundance at JBFC. Thank you so much for being a part of the JBFC family. We are all thankful for you!

Reka, 15

I want to thank all people who think about us and take their time to love us; I’m thankful for my loving family, we help each other everyday; and I want to thank God for everyday.


 Neema Mdogo, 10

I’m thankful for God and everything He has done; thankful for Donors who support me at JBFC; and thankful for My Family at JBFC.


Pendo, 12
I thank God for everything; I’m thankful for having shelter and food; and I’m thankful for the Mommas, who take care of me.

Happiness, 14

I’m thankful for all who help me in my education; thankful for food and a homes to sleep in; and thankful for Chris and all the teachers for teaching us how to be good people in the future.

Jackie, 14
I thank God for everything he has done; I’m thankful for the teachers for everything they have taught me and everything they have done; thankful for all the sponsors who give me food, and shelter and education.

Gertruda, 9

I’m thankful for all my sisters and Mommas at JBFC; thankful for my education; and thankful for Chris and everyone who care for me at JBFC.

Abby, 13

I want to thank the Matrons, Directors and teachers for everything they have done for me. I want to thank the donors for giving me an education and food and home. I’m thankful for everyday.

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