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Though Thanksgiving is a North American tradition, we like to take this time of year to reflect on all that we are grateful for. First and foremost, we are thankful for the opportunity to work with our amazing residential girls, students, and staff members in Tanzania — we are overjoyed by their successes and accomplishments! We are thankful for our volunteers, both those who make the long journey overseas to visit our campus, and those who come help out in our Tulsa office, for helping us out when we need it most and for spreading the word about our mission. And lastly, we are incredibly grateful for our amazing supporters all over the world who make it possible for us to continue creating waves of change in Tanzania. We would not be able to do any of this without you!

Liku (class of ’15)

“I am grateful for everything that Mainsprings has done for me and the other girls who have already graduated. Much thanks to you all who support us in our education and all the needs that you provide for us. May our almighty Father bless you all.”


Jason Masese

“I’m thankful to be at Joseph and Mary as a class teacher, enjoying different experiences like meeting different people and learning from them. That is something that I can apply anywhere in this world.”



Reka (Form 3)

“I am grateful for having many sisters and to have a lot of people who support me!”


Martina (class of ’17)

“I’m grateful to the matrons at Bibi Mimi’s Girls’ Home because they are good leaders. I learned different things from them, like how to cook food and have respect, but also how to have confidence and good behavior.”



Bahati (Grade 6)

“I’m grateful for my studies and for being able to have all of my basic needs met!”


Pili Paschal

“I am so happy to work at Bibi Mimi’s as a matron. I am thankful to see how the organization works hand in hand with the community because this good relationship is the one which landed me at Bibi Mimi’s.”



Happy (Form 4)

“I am grateful for all of the social services that I am receiving from Mainsprings: JBFC, including education, clothes, and shelter.”



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