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One of the first things that guests say after an hour to hour and a half tour of our campus, as sweat is dripping from their foreheads, is “wow, this place is a lot bigger than expected.” 
When talking about JBFC, it is often hard to talk about all that we do, and hard to talk about how expansive our campus is. It isn’t until people come here that they actually grasp what the campus looks like. That is, until now…
My friend Jacques is no stranger to the JBFC campus. He has spent Christmases here, many weekends, and living in Mwanza (only 45 minutes away), he helps JBFC in many different ways. The kids all know him as “that big guy who flies the helicopter right over school sometimes.”
Well, this time, when the big helicopter guy flew over, his pilot happened to be a photographer. As they took lap after lap taking photos, the kids continued to jump up and down on their way to and from breakfast. And now, thanks to them, all of you from all over the world, can have a little glimpse of what our 65 acre campus looks like from above…
This is our 65-acre campus from high above our village Kitongo, which is about 45 minutes away from Tanzania’s second largest city.

Here’s an aerial shot with a few of the buildings labeled.
The white buildings in the foreground on the right are the JBFC dorms. There are three dorm buildings and the dining hall is in the middle.
This is the southeast end of JBFC’s campus – on the left is Papas and on the right close to shore are the JBFC bungalows.
This is JBFC’s guesthouse, rock house (where the international workers live), Chris’ house, and Papa’s in the distance.
In this one, you can see our primary students walking to our brand new school dining hall.

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