Unsung Heroes: The JBFC Mamas

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Editor’s Note: It’s becoming something of a tradition for one of our Texas friends to treat the JBFC Mamas to a special dinner. They have appetizers, pizza, dessert, lots of laughter and sign language (most of our matrons are still learning English).

The Mamas are a few of the unsung heroes on JBFC’s campus. They are on the frontlines of caring for our children. They make sure everyone is fed, clean, happy and healthy. They make sure homework is finished and chores are done. They nurture, comfort, and guide. So we’d like to spend this blog introducing you to our Mamas and thanking them for their service.

Mama Maggie is from the Mwanza area (Tanzania’s 2nd largest city). She has four children of her own and before she came to JBFC she farmed and worked at a small restaurant. She says she came to work for JBFC, so that she could be more self-sufficient after her divorce. She’s been with JBFC for about three and a half years and her daily duties, include cooking, cleaning, laundry, and being a role model for the JBFC girls.

Mama Nyambuli has been with JBFC for two years. She’s from a village called Musoma. She decided to work for JBFC because it was a better opportunity for her family. She says farming is much harder than caring for girls and she is happy she made the change. Her favorite thing is being a caretaker

Mama Paulina has a background in childcare and is first aid certified. She’s been with JBFC for about eight months and enjoys being with the girls the most.

Mama Maria is our newest Mama. She’s also from Mwanza. Before she came to work at JBFC she sold street food. She came to JBFC to be able to better provide for her children. Her favorite thing about her job is seeing the girls learn English!

We are so grateful to the JBFC Mamas for all of their hard work. They’re just one more example of how JBFC is promoting change throughout our community. We don’t just help the girls we take care of or the students we teach. We provide steady employment for women like the JBFC Mamas, who might not be able to earn a livable wage otherwise.

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