Turning Players Into Coaches

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Some of the JBFC girls have recently formed a competitive basketball team. A coach comes to JBFC’s basketball court several times a week to help the girls learn more about the sport. The team recently traveled to Mwanza to play against another local team. We were so excited when two of JBFC’s players, Vale and Nyamisi, were chosen to attend a basketball camp in Arusha.

Accompanied by Miss Atamba, a teacher at Joseph and Mary School, Vale and Nyamisi boarded a bus to Arusha. The girls spent most of the 14 hour drive sleeping. Eventually, they reached the school where they would be staying for the next week and settled into the dorms.

Pelu (far left), a 2015 residential graduate now studying in Arusha, was able to spend time with Ms. Atamba, Vale, and Nyamisi during their visit.

From 8 in the morning until 6 at night, Vale, Nyamisi, and the other girls from Tanzania attending the camp gathered for basketball practice. During the day, the coach taught the girls drills about how to dribble, shoot, play defense, and help each other score. They also did yoga and a lot of running to stay in shape. In the evenings, the girls formed teams and played games against each other. With all of this physical activity, it’s a good thing the girls received filling meals of rice, meat, pilau, bread, eggs, soda, and tea.

After reflecting on her time in Arusha, Vale explained, “my favorite part was when the coach was teaching us drills. I also liked the other girls. They were charming. I liked the games. I was playing as #5.”

Nyamisi recounted, “my favorite part was watching different basketball games on the TV!”

Upon returning home from Arusha, Vale and Nyamisi have taught the other JBFC girls what they learned at basketball camp. Their new skills and knowledge about the sport make them especially excited for their next basketball game.

Guest Blogger, Kristen, is JBFC’s Social Media intern for the summer. 

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