The Impact of Sports and Games

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Sports and Games are vital to students and staff for different reasons at Joseph and Mary.

At Joseph and Mary, we use sports and games as tools for vibrant health. Students who are active show that they are not only healthier, but are also ready to perform day-to-day activities in the classroom without any problems. Sports and games can also be used as a learning platform whereby students are introduced to new games that are not common in our government schools- good examples of what we offer at Joseph and Mary are basketball and tennis.

Apart from physical gain, our students learn leadership skills by being team leaders where they learn different leadership techniques. These skills also promote teamwork because as a team they work towards the same goals and objectives. The skills they learn as leaders and in teamwork will benefit them long after they leave Joseph and Mary Schools.

The above advantages are made possible by integrating different programs into our daily schedule. This year, we created formal sports teams that include tennis, basketball, soccer, handball, volleyball, and netball. Teams are given time three days a week for training. Inclusion also helps us try to nurture young talent by giving opportunities to young kids from preschool through 2nd grade during recess programs twice a week.

By working closely with our partners in the Tanzanian government, our aim is to not only improve the sports and games at Joseph and Mary but also to improve athletics across our whole district. Our aim is to have students from Joseph and Mary playing nationally and beyond. In fact Joseph and Mary is one of the only private schools in the whole country recognized by the government by being selected to be an “Academy” where students of different games and talents will be developed.

Mainsprings residential girl and 2015 graduate, Neema, who was selected to play on the Mwanza Women’s Premier Team.

Since the government has realized our hard work in promoting sports and games in our district, the Ministry of Youth Sports and Games is working hand in hand with us. Recently, our basketball team represented our district in the government competition at the national level. Also our school was requested by the District Education Director to train teachers from government schools on basic skills in tennis. Working with the government, we were able to train teachers from various schools around our district with the hopes that they can start tennis programs at their schools.

Most importantly, our sports and games programs give our students a chance to have fun!

Guest Blogger, Mr. Samo, is Joseph and Mary’s Dean of Students and Head of the Office of Student Development.

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