The Impact of Solar Lighting

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Since 2013, our flagship campus in Kitongo has used the power of the sun to generate power. We started with our water pump, which had previously been powered by a generator and cost thousands each year. Our campus has grown since we first introduced solar power, and with that growth, came a higher need for electricity. 

Last year, Brunswick School out of Greenwich, Connecticut helped raise over $11,000 for JBFC’s solar power infrastructure. Thanks to the students, parents, and teachers at Brunswick, not only has JBFC increased the amount of electricity to our Secondary School, Administration Building, Primary School Computer Lab and Office, Papa’s Cafe, and all guest housing, but individual lighting systems have also been added to each dorm and the dining hall. This means that our residential girls and matrons can study later and have the much needed safety of light in the evening and nighttime hours.

Below are quotes from some of our staff about how this change has impacted their lives and work on campus.

Mr. Samo, Dean of Students: “It gives them [the residential girls] consistent light to study, without having to worry about power cuts.”

Felista, JBFC Social Worker: “It will help them to get more time to study at night. If there’s any social event, now they will be able to do it. It can also help the matrons to wake up earlier for doing their different duties.”

Boniface, Campus Registrar: “They use the dining hall to study so the solar power will help them to keep studying in the dark hours. Also, it will enable the girls to get light during supper, improving social life.”

Mr. Fred, Head of Joseph and Mary Primary School and 7th Grade Teacher: “We always give them homework. They have also to study and now they have the chance not only to do it but to choose when they feel better to do it, at night or early in the morning. Also, it will help the matrons to charge their phones. During entertainment hours now they can put music on, dance, practice choir, etc. so it will also help to refresh their minds.”

Mr. Kidapanda, Head of Joseph and Mary Secondary School: “This enables them to concentrate in their studies, especially at night. It gives them the proper environment for their studies.”

Vero, JBFC Residential Girl and 2016 Graduate: “It helps us to study and to do other activities like clubs!”

On behalf of all our girls, students, and staff in Tanzania, THANK YOU to the entire Brunswick community and all of our supporters who have enabled JBFC to “Go Solar” since 2013. You are not only helping us to be more eco-friendly at our campus, but you are enabling us to have 24/7 electricity without the worry of high fuel costs, ultimately helping with JBFC’s self-sustainability goals!

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