Test Time

September 20, 2012 6:02 pm Published by

It is nearing that time of year again and nerves running higher than ever. Today and yesterday our second set of seventh graders will be sitting for two very long days to take their national exams. 

Not only does this year’s class have to live up to the standard set by our stellar class last year (which helped us place 64th in the nation), but the pass rate for all English Medium (private) schools has been raised by 25 points! 

For the past month, the rest of our school has been closed because of a national census in Tanzania, but due to the dedication of both our seventh grade teacher and students, studying has continued for this class. Before the break, they approached the administration about staying on campus during the week so that they could not only hold class, but have extended study days for the entire month leading up to the national exams. 

Even though the stakes are high- many who do not pass this exam are not allowed to advance to secondary school- we are confident in our students’ ability.

Please join us in thinking about and praying for these students as they enter their last week of school as primary students!

Chris Gates is the Founder and Executive Director of JBFC.

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