Tanzanite Nights 2016!

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Deep in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania there is a unique treasure. It’s rare, beautiful and precious.

We’ve named JBFC’s annual spring fundraiser after the rare gemstone, Tanzanite.  This deep blue-purple jewel represents the beauty and potential of Tanzania. And that’s what JBFC is all about.

Tanzanite Nights is Friday, April 22nd in Downtown Tulsa.

This is not just another party, although it’s a lot of fun with a cool venue (IDL Ballroom, Downtown Tulsa).

This isn’t just one more auction, although our live auction will feature unique experiences like a 9-day Tanzanian Safari, which includes a stay at JBFC, a trek through the Serengeti and a visit to Ngorogoro Crater.

This isn’t just another fundraiser, although you can help JBFC by buying unique Tanzanian treasures.

This night is about 400 children and families more than 8,000 miles away…
It’s about supporting the education of children who wouldn’t have a good school to go to without your help.

It’s about investing in a farm that provides nearly 400 pounds of food a week, which translates into 200,000 meals a year.

Coming to this party makes you part of a very special mission. We’re ending poverty one girl, one student, one family at a time. 

For the last ten years, we’ve been chipping away at a problem many think is too big to tackle. Thanks to friends like you, we have worked with a small, rural community to prove that dedication, commitment, and passion can change lives. And you can do more than just feed a child once. You can change the way that child lives, grows up, and empower their whole family to achieve more.

That’s what we’ve seen in our little community. Not only have we provided a home for 48 girls who had nowhere else to turn. We’ve seen children who would have dropped out of school in 7th grade, graduate from high school. We’ve seen families who were barely scrape by, transform their farms using permaculture techniques and now growing enough to not only feed themselves, but also sell. We’ve seen mud walls and grass roofs give way to sturdy homes with metal roofs and doors. 

Our community is flourishing. 
Ten years in and we’ve served more than 1,000,000 meals and harvested 14.5 tons of produce (that’s 32,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables).

That’s the kind of change you can be a part of at Tanzanite Nights.
So come for the party, stay for the mission, and get involved with JBFC’s next decade of changing lives and ending poverty.
Hope to see you at Tanzanite Nights, Friday April 22nd. You can purchase tickets to the event by clicking here.
And click over to Facebook for the latest on our auction items, jewelry pull prizes, support JBFC tiles and more. 

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