Sunday Funday

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Guest Blogger: Kayci Hebard, JBFC Asst Director 

Hebard first volunteered in Tanzania in 2008. She was so taken with the organization and the mission that she returned to JBFC in February 2011 and was soon hired on full-time to help manage the Kitongo campus.

Sundays ARE the weekend for Tanzanians. They have a six-day work week, so they take the seventh day of rest very seriously. No work!
So this is Sunday Funday at JBFC.

Sunday is for … Chai “tea”

Sunday is for… Mandazi “Donuts”
Sunday is for… Dress up

Sunday is for… Dancing

Sunday is for… Outings

Sunday is for… Painting nails

Sunday is for… Laughing

Sunday is for… Slippin’…

Sunday is for… Slippin’ And…
Sunday is for… Slidin’…

Sunday is for… Swimming
At JBFC, Sunday is the day the girls get to hang out with each other, bond over braiding hair, go to Church and just chill.  It is one of the few days that I can sit and just hang out with the girls. 
Living here is working here; you are always on.  I like to describe it as working 12 hours a day and then being on-call the other 12 hours.  It isn’t a conscious thing, but when Sundays roll around you start to realize how exhausted you are.  Sunday Fundays are like a big cup of coffee your week needs to start again on Mondays.
I just love Sunday evening prayer times. This is when the girls take time to say what they are thankful for that week. They also give a short performance in honor of what they are thankful for.  The girls often act out short plays. As far as I know they have made these up themselves – a lot of them are comedy, but some are drama.  They will sometimes address societal issues.  And it really shows their creativity and how they can work together as a family.   

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