Staff Spotlight: Ms. Atamba

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Editor’s Note: This Staff Spotlight highlights Ms. Judith Atamba, who is currently a teacher at Joseph and Mary Primary School, and is also the Assistant to the Head of the Office of Student Development. Ms. Atamba will move to our second campus in Kahunda next year, where she will take on the positions of Head Teacher at our school and assistant matron. 

How long have you been working at JBFC?

“I have been working at JBFC for two and a half years.”

Why did you decide to be a teacher?

“The reason I decided to be a teacher is because a teacher doesn’t only teach; a teacher is a parent. We do counseling and guiding and all of the duties that the parents do for their kids at home, but we do it in the school. We enable kids to reach their goals!”

What do you like the most from your job?

“My favorite part is teaching, because I have a lot of experience in that field and I feel that I am really good at it.”

What is your favorite thing about JBFC?

“JBFC is a good organization because it has a main objective of ending poverty. JBFC wants to end poverty by giving education to people, healthcare, and supporting members by giving them food throughout the day. I also like that we have been working in cooperation with all the workers and local villagers and I hope we can keep having this spirit!”

What are your favorite activities at JBFC?

“Sports and games because I like to see the talent of the students out of the classroom. For example, seeing Neema M. playing both football and basketball is very impressive!”

What is the biggest challenge of your job?

“Students not performing very well in the subjects that I teach (math, English, and social studies). Sometimes students believe that these subjects are too hard for them. They convince themselves that they can’t do them and so they don’t perform well. I usually have extra time with them, talk to them, build them up psychologically, and make sure they end up convinced that they can do it.”

What do you want in the future?

“I want to continue aiming higher and higher, so that I may do my work perfectly and help all students reach their goals!”

“Miss Atamba is a force to be reckoned with and always brings exuberance and life to the classroom, meetings, or even conversations,” says JBFC Founder and CEO, Chris Gates.  “She is an incredible leader and role model- always leading by example and our school and campus would not be the same without her. These are just some of the many reasons we are excited for her to lead the development of our primary school on our second campus.”

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