Staff Spotlight: Mr. Simon

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Editor’s Note: This Staff Spotlight features Mr. Simon, JBFC’s librarian! Not only is he instrumental in running our library, literacy evaluations, reading club, and Family Literacy Program, but he is also an incredibly positive force on campus. Last year, Mr. Simon joined the Office of Student Development, where his impact on students has only grown. 

How long have you been working at JBFC?:

I have worked here since 2011.
What is your position? What are your responsibilities?:

I am the Literacy Coordinator. This means dealing with students and giving them books to read. I have to make sure that I give them the correct level. For this, I measure them and talk with their teachers. If there is any student with difficulties, I have to inform the teacher so we can help him or her.
What is the biggest challenge you face?:

The biggest challenge is having students not willing to read novels because they think it won’t help them to pass their exams. I try to explain to them that improving their English level will help them not only in their exams, but also in their future life. 
What is your favorite part of your job?:

My favorite part is doing the literacy check because it shows me the students who have difficulties in their studies and, by doing so, I can help them.

What are you looking forward to this year?:

I would like to see a big improvement of the students in reading. Through this, they will improve their concepts to even answer their exams in a better way.
Mr. Simon has been an integral part of the Joseph and Mary Schools and our larger JBFC community since 2011. Simon spends a lot of time advising students both in IEP and informally, running sports programs, and building friendships with staff and parents.  He helps organize and execute everything from literacy programs to sports to Planned Parenthood programing and clubs.

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