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This week’s Staff Spotlight features Mr. Max, Head of our VETA program which provides training in both tourism and agriculture. He can often be seen on campus leading permaculture seminars and classes for students, local villagers, and guests! 

How long have you been working at Mainsprings?:

“I have been working here for about four years now.”

What is your position?:

“I have been working here as a teacher for three and a half years. The reason why I wanted to get involved as a teacher is because I believe a teacher is a shaper. I also wanted to make sure that children achieve their dream and I enjoy being part of that. I was then promoted to be the head/principal of the Vocational College. I feel that this position is good for me because I will help to provide vocational skills to our community. I believe we can have a society with more practical solutions through vocational trainings.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?:

“I most enjoy seeing our children excited about my instruction while also knowing what positive changes it will have for them. I enjoy seeing our children succeed in life. I also enjoy seeing more people get involved with permaculture. ”

What is the most challenging part of your job?:

“I feel like time is the most challenging part because I have a lot of responsibilities that I need to accomplish.”

What is your biggest accomplishment since you joined Mainsprings?:

“As the Academic Master (Dean) for three years, my biggest accomplishment was being able to coordinate all the academic activities successfully. I was also super proud to witness three classes graduate from their Form Four studies — I think that is a big accomplishment for any educator. With permaculture, I have been able to spread permaculture education and give training to our children, staff and some of the villagers.”

What is your best memory since you joined Mainsprings?:

“I have a lot of good memories, but one of the best is the day I got promoted to be the Head of VETA.”

What impact would you like to see Mainsprings have in our community?:

“I would like to see improvements in our nearby community, economically and technologically, as a result of having Mainsprings around.”

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