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Editor’s Note: This Staff Spotlight highlights Mr. Seraphine Lyimo, our Campus Director: Kahunda (our second campus). Mr. Lyimo has been working with JBFC since early 2017, where he spent the first few months of his time observing our first campus in Kitongo before moving over to our second campus. Mr. Lyimo comes to JBFC with a wealth of knowledge and experience, having received his Masters degree in Education, Administration, Planning and Policies, and holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education. He spent 19 years as a classroom teacher, leader, and even Acting Headmaster at different primary and secondary schools.

Why did you become a teacher?

“I love teaching and was greatly inspired by my great Irish English teacher at secondary. I had the opportunity to develop my passion to work with teenagers as the Chairman of Debate club and Academic prefect of Form 3, and hence realized my potential to develop skills and offer my contribution in that career.”

What is your favorite aspect about teaching/education?

“I love to have fun with children and young women and men! I get personal satisfaction as we celebrate students’ achievements both in and outside the classroom.”

What is the importance of education for youth, especially in JBFC’s community?

“I join scholars in regarding education as the route to economic prosperity, the key to scientific and technological advancement, the means to combat unemployment, the foundation of social equity, and the spread of political socialization and cultural vitality. The graduates of JBFC will be transformed into productive members of the community through offering services in different formal and informal sectors. These successful and responsible young adults will contribute to the national income as tax payers and good citizens of the world, committed to breaking the cycles of poverty.”

What role do you see girls playing as Tanzania develops?

“With an increased equal opportunity for the girls to access quality education, Tanzania is going to achieve the millennium goals as a semi-industrialized country. There is a shift of women from the primitive cultural outlooks which regarded them inferior to men as housewives, to women taking over sensitive positions and contributing to national development.”

What are some of your favorite aspects of JBFC?

“It is a true example of an organic organization caring and valuing people (girls, students, staff, and volunteers) as the top priority. I like the holistic model it takes to improve lives in Northern Tanzania.”

How do you like Kahunda?

“I now regard it as my second home! I feel privileged to have been a part of this committed team to bring about the desired impact to the community. We feel ownership – it is ours!”

What is your biggest accomplishment since joining JBFC?

“Establishing a healthy relationship among the staff, with the community, and with the government. We are working together for a shared vision.”

What is your best memory since joining JBFC?

“My first official visit to the second campus on March 14th of this year. Though a bit nervous (it looked like a savanna grassland with tall grass and evergreen forests around the lake shore), I was excited to get an opportunity to use my knowledge and skills to see it growing in a complex organization over years.”

And lastly, how does your personal mission in life align with JBFC’s mission?

“I believe that the primary to secondary school years are very important in child development. Educators at JBFC have vital roles to identify, encourage, and develop an individual’s skills and talents to achieve their life ambitions through the learning process; inside and outside the classroom. ‘As a life long learner, I help others learn.'”

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