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This week’s Staff Spotlight features Mama Millycent, who is both a teacher at Joseph and Mary Primary School as well as a matron at Bibi Mimi’s Girls’ Home. In addition to her duties at school and with our girls’ home, Mama Millycent is also the assistant coach of our basketball team! “She is an important member of both our school and girls’ home teams,” says Mainsprings COO, Seth Diemond. “She is a creative teacher in our ECC classrooms, often teaching through art, and she is one of the most dedicated, caring, and positive members of our staff and a great role model for the girls.”

How long have you been working at Mainsprings?:

“I have been working at Mainsprings: JBFC for about four years.”

Why did you want to get involved as a Primary School teacher and also as a Matron at Bibi Mimi’s girls’ home?

“My dream was to be a teacher since I was a child, so I wanted to fulfill my dreams and become a teacher. After I worked for some time as a primary teacher at Joseph and Mary school, I was promoted to be a matron at the girls’ home. I like to be involved as a matron because I get a chance to share a lot with the girls apart from school and seeing them come for advice and counseling gives me a lot of strength.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?:

“As a teacher, I have gained a lot of experience and I have learned many new things. I enjoy being able to guide the children. I love sports too, especially basketball with the J-MOND girls.”

What is your best memory since joining the Mainsprings family?:

“My best memory since I joined the Mainsprings staff is witnessing the JMOND team starting to learn basketball and then becoming the best girls’ team in the Mwanza region. I was able to attend a training program at TWENDE which gave me the idea of using an ultra-sonic sensor to help blind people be able to navigate themselves – this led to a science project which Zai and Laurencia were able to submit to a competition for young scientists and innovation in Dar Es Salaam.”

What impact do you want to see Mainsprings have in our community?:

“I would like most of our girls to achieve their education and be able to change their community in the future. I would like to see our children achieve their goals!”

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