Staff Spotlight: Mama Maggie

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Editor’s Note: JBFC is one big family. Our girls live in groups of eight in apartment-like dormitories with a matron or mama. These incredible women serve as mothers, mentors, and friends to our girls. Their strength helps shape our girls. This Staff Spotlight is dedicated to Maggie, also lovingly referred to as “Mama Maggie”, because she is the Head Matron in Bibi Mimi’s Girls’ Home on our campus. 

Where are you from?:

Mama Maggie: “I’m originally from Igoma, Mwanza. I was born there!”

Tell us about your position at JBFC:

MM: “My position at JBFC is matron – head matron. Mostly what I am doing is listening to the girls and what their needs are. I cook for them and try to give them advice. I also have daily jobs like cleaning and cooking and to make sure the girls are doing their daily chores. I also follow their development at school and make sure they are in good health. I help the other matrons too, and make sure they know what to do and how to help the girls.”

How long have you been at JBFC?

MM: “I have been at JBFC for five years – since March 14th of 2011!”

What is the biggest challenge you face as Head Matron?:

MM: “The biggest challenge I face is, you know kids, I am trying to tell them something and sometimes they have different ideas!”

What is the most rewarding part of your job?:

MM: “The biggest reward of working at JBFC is to live in such a big community and to learn so much. I never had a chance to live in a community like JBFC.”

You’ve worked at JBFC for five years, so what are some of the changes you’ve seen on campus?:

MM: “There are so many changes! Like this year, there are so many guests! Also, the girls now can mostly lead themselves. That is a change. In things like their jobs at home, speaking English, studying – they are leading. The village (Kitongo) is growing and growing with JBFC!”

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