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Editor’s Note: This Staff Spotlight features Edward, JBFC’s Farm Manager.  Chief Operating Officer, Seth Diemond, says that “Edward is a fan favorite across various departments – our volunteers love learning permaculture from him, he was recently voted as one of three ’employees of the year’ among our staff, and the girls refer to him as ‘Uncle Eggplant’. Edward is primarily responsible for overseeing JBFC’s farm production, livestock, and permaculture outreach. 

How long have you been working

at JBFC?:

I have worked here almost 2 years.

What is your job position and what are your responsibilities?:

I work both on the farm and with the livestock. I am the manager of the farm, so I also have to supervise all of the farm workers.

What is the biggest challenge you face?:

The biggest challenge is the lack of water because of climate change. When there are clouds, the solar pumps can’t pump enough water for the farm, so irrigation becomes a problem.

What do you enjoy most about your job?:

My favorite part of the job is to produce enough vegetables for the girls, making sure that they are getting enough vegetables to eat. Also, I enjoy working here at JBFC because I get to know a lot of people from different countries and I learn a lot from them.

Have you seen any changes in the two years you have been at JBFC?:

Yes. During the whole of 2016, we have maintained the production of vegetables. This can be the biggest difference when we compare with the other years. Also, we’ve increased the production of chickens and eggs. Altogether, this is providing better nutrition for the girls.

What are you looking forward to in the future?:

I look forward to continuing to improve production on the farm.

“Under Edward’s leadership, we have witnessed immense growth in production and only expect to see more in 2017. This year, Edward will also oversee the expansion of a permaculture curriculum into our school. He has become a critical member of our team since joining the JBFC family” – Seth Diemond, COO

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