Staff Profile: Miriam “Bibi Nyamalwa”

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Editor’s Note: This blog is dedicated to JBFC’s backbone – our amazing staff. This blog is highlighting an individual who has been at JBFC since the first day of school at Joseph and Mary in 2010. She is the head cook at school and her infectious laughter can be heard all around campus! Though she is the biological grandma to just one of the residential girls on campus, she acts as grandmother to all girls, students, staff, and even our guests! Her name is Miriam, but to many, she is simply known as “Bibi Nyamalwa”.

Tell us about your job at JBFC and what you enjoy most about it:

“I love my job – my job as a cook – and it makes me very happy. The kids study well here, they are doing well, and it makes me happy. I love to see the development of the school since 2010 – I really love that. I am really happy to have guests from outside as well. It’s a really happy place.”

What changes have you seen in the local village due to JBFC?:

“In the village I have seen people and now they have more money and are even building houses. Before they didn’t have anything in the village. Now people in the village are fat – even me, I’m getting fat! Kids know English now, even in the village. Kids study here (at JBFC) and live in the village. It’s really nice.”

What do you like about JBFC?:

“JBFC is a great organization. Really great. It is teaching good. Kids are eating great – they are full and can focus. This is what makes JBFC great for Kitongo.”

JBFC’s COO in the United States, Ashli Sims, had this to say about JBFC’s favorite grandma: “Miriam, or Bibi Nyamalwa, is one of those people who shines so bright, her image stays with you long after you leave JBFC. Her cackling laughter is one of my favorite sounds on campus. I so admire this lady for her strength, big heart, and her ability to take what life dishes out with a big smile and a little dance.”

Administrative Director in Tanzania, Melinda Wulf, says “Miriam has never met a stranger and is the first to make every girl, student, neighbor, guest, and employee on campus feel right at home. I have never seen her without a smile on her face. A real treat is to be able to attend village night in her home and eat her delicious home cooking and meet her wonderful (and large) family! JBFC would simply not be the same without her!”

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