Small Sacrifices Can Lead To Big Rewards

March 14, 2012 7:41 pm Published by

Guest Blogger, Kris Mills, joined JBFC in December as assistant to Executive Director Chris Gates.

Having the privilege of living with 40 of the most spirited, smart and beautiful girls I have ever met, it is easy for me to say that I am one lucky guy. Since officially joining the JBFC team in December, I could not wait to get over to Tanzania to meet the girls. After arriving mid-February, my time at JBFC has been enlightening, breath taking and many times rewarding.

One such experience happened a couple of days ago when Julia and I invited all the girls for a Saturday afternoon hike up a nearby mountain/large hill. Having checked out the hike a couple of days in advance, Julia and I were sure the girls were capable of this physical activity and that the view made it TOTALLY worth it. However, I quickly remember th
at Veneranda or “Vene” has a physical disability. During my time here, I have come to get to know Vene, who is a quiet and shy third grader and typically unable to participate in many group activities due to her physical limitations. Vene is diagnosed with scoliosis, which has severely deformed her spinal column and lower extremities making it very difficult for her to get around. Troubled by this I decided “why not carry her up the mountain?”

Though I will admit the 30 minute walk there plus the 30 minute ascend up the mountain were physically difficult for me carrying this small girl, I reminded myself that my exhaustion did not even compare to the difficulty and pain she faces everyday. Having reached the top, it brought me great joy seeing her enjoying herself with the other girls and as I looked back at JBFC in the distance, I was so happy knowing she was there with us and had not been left back at campus.

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