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In May, JBFC was fortunate to have a team of medical professionals visit our campus in Tanzania. They did dozens of health check-ups, seeing JBFC’s 300 students and many of our staff members. One of those volunteers, Megan Kirkpatrick, wanted to help those who weren’t seeing clearly and may not have even known it. Here are some pictures from her time at JBFC and her thoughts about her trip:

I wanted to bring eyeglasses to Tanzania because I know that 1 in 5 children have vision problems which can prevent them from learning to their fullest. Although not all of them can be corrected with glasses alone, most of them will benefit from the glasses which were brought for them.

Sunglasses are very important in Tanzania because they are so close to the equator and get intense sun exposure. Due to the increase sun exposure, sun damage to the eyes can be seen at a much earlier age. Some of the 10-year-olds we saw had severe enough sun damage that we usually don’t see changes like that until patients are in their 50s.


Some girls weren’t to thrilled to hear they were getting glasses, but once they received them you could see their faces light up! I was able to ask some of them how school was the next day with their glasses, and they were so thankful to have them.


 My experience at JBFC was wonderful! I have been on many medical trips like this before, but have never had such young women and men be so thankful and appreciative for our services and the glasses and sunglasses they had received.

They would always make sure to bring their glasses back everyday and I was able to see them wear them.

 It made my experience so wonderful and I can’t wait to go back again!

Megan and all of us at JBFC would like to thank the following companies for providing our students with prescription glasses and sunglasses: Modern Optical International, Doug Rogers and Hoya Vision, Dr. Jeff Ross, Restoring Vision, Steve & Vicki Kirkpatrick.

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