School’s Out for Summer

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Ok, so we don’t actually have summer in Tanzania, but the school year has come to a close at our Joseph and Mary Schools. This past Friday, the last day of school for 2013, we held the end of school year ceremony. During the ceremony we honored the top three performers in each grade.

I was able to hand out awards to the kids with the very top marks in each class. A majority of the award winners were our JBFC girls, so I felt very proud standing up in front of the school giving out their awards. 

Leticia, 1st Place

Rachel, 1st Place


Neema M, 1st Place

Gertruda, 2nd Place


Zai, 1st Place


Kulwa, 2nd Place 

Laurencia, 1st Place

What a great accomplishment for the foundation. It was enlightening to see the top performers in each grade get excited about their awards and prizes. The prizes included pens, pencils and notebooks.

Immediately following the awards assembly, we had a meeting with the scholarship students at Joseph and Mary. These are children that don’t live here with us at JBFC, but need financial support to receive a quality education. 

We set up a work program for these guys to give a little something back to JBFC over the school

break. There was not one complaint, in fact they even seemed excited about putting in the time and doing a little manual labor over the break. But, mostly, they seemed to understand that what they are receiving in the form of education is far greater than putting in an hour a day over break.

I am just so thankful to be a part of an organization like JBFC, one that gives so many children opportunities that they otherwise would never be able to access. While I haven’t been here for all the achievements that JBFC and Joseph and Mary Schools attained this year, I am so proud of the organization. Here are some highlights:

· 100% of all of our primary students passed the national exam, continuing our winning streak. Our 4th graders passed for the fourth year in a row. And our 7th graders passed with flying colors for the third year straight.

· Our seventh graders are ranked 1st in the district, scoring the highest in our area on the national exams.

· We are able to maintain a student to teacher ratio of 14 to 1.
· Experts from high schools and colleges across the United States came in to teach globally recognized teaching methods
otherwise not available to our teachers.
· We opened the library making books available for check-out to our students and teachers.

· The new school dining hall was built and put to use by the nearly 300 students.

· We were able to provide three all-terrain wheelchairs, and build wheelchair ramps and handicapped restrooms.

· We launched the Kobos e-reader program, giving teachers and students, first ever access to e-readers.

· Agriculture classes were incorporated into school curriculum

· Fourteen scholarships provided to students outside of the JBFC girls living on campus.

These are just a few of the many accomplishments at Joseph and Mary Primary and Secondary schools for 2013. I look forward to being a part of an even more successful 2014.

Blogger Melinda Wulf is JBFC’s Administrative Director.

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