Salome and Leticia On The Road: Part 2

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Editor’s Note: Now that Salome and Leticia are back on the JBFC campus in Tanzania, they have had a lot of time to reflect about their past few weeks of travel and all of the things they were able to experience during their trip to the U.S. To follow up with their first blog, the girls decided to use this blog to share some of their favorite memories from the trip. During their trip, the girls visited schools in Los Angeles, Tulsa, and Bronxville, and they noticed quite a few similarities and differences between education in Tanzania and the United States. Given that they are now well-seasoned travelers, Salome and Leticia also share advice for volunteers coming to Tanzania!

What are some of the most memorable moments from your trip?:

 Leticia: “I have many memories from my time in the U.S. First, meeting different people who I had never met before and that they made my time here so wonderful and meaningful. I was also happy to see people who I had already met before but who I didn’t get to see for so long. My days in the U.S. were all full of joy and it was because of the people I met. Second, going to Disneyland was so great! I liked when people said, “It doesn’t matter how old you are as long as you’re having fun and enjoying the day!” I also really enjoyed Tanzanite Nights – I met so many people and took pictures with almost everyone! Also, I really enjoyed going to the different schools. I admired the schools and how the kids learned. I enjoyed going to New York and seeing many familiar faces there, like the Paul family and Jim and his students.”

Salome: “I really enjoyed the day at Santa Monica pier. The day at Disneyland also has to be one of my favorites because I have always wished to meet princesses and I did! Also, going on the roller coasters was very nice and screaming was fun! I also really enjoyed Tanzanite Nights. It was good to meet everyone and taking photos. Singing at Tanzanite Nights was my favorite part, and I also liked how the auctioneer spoke – I wish to hear everyone talk like that! I was also glad to go to different schools and meet all of the different students. I also really liked going to New York City and watching the Boston Celtics basketball game on tv!”

Speaking of visiting different schools, you all visited La Reina in California, Holland Hall and Bishop Kelley in Tulsa, and Bronxville in New York. What similarities and differences did you notice between these schools and Joseph and Mary Schools?:

Leticia: “The similarities between the schools I visited and Joseph and Mary is that we both wear uniforms and the classes are similar with what we study. One difference I noticed is how we study at Joseph and Mary, we use the same schedule for the whole school, but the schools we visited, they have to change and everyone has his or her own schedule and they have to change rooms. At Joseph and Mary, we stay in a single room for all classes. Also, they use computers, iPads, and watch videos on TVs but we use pens and exercise books to keep our notes and write anything.

Salome: “I noticed that the schools we visited have almost the same subjects like English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. They study the same subjects, but not exactly as we do. There are many differences. They wear shorter skirts than we do at Joseph and Mary Schools and they are allowed to use tablets in finding answers for questions during exams and class times. They go with calculators to examinations and also take phones to school. They buy food but at Joseph and Mary we do not buy food in school because it is free. The American students also change rooms for certain classes but we change teachers and not classrooms. Also, they use “8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade” and we say “Form 1 to Form 4″.”

Now that you have traveled across the world and experienced a totally different culture, what advice would you give to our volunteers who are coming to Tanzania for the first time?:

Leticia: “For the volunteers coming to Tanzania for the first time, they should be charming and not nervous! And another thing – it doesn’t matter how old you are as long as you are having fun and meeting people you never met before. Thank God as long as you are happy and enjoying your days!”

Salome: “The advice I would give to volunteers is to enjoy themselves the first time they come! The second time they visit, they should bring new people and advise them to volunteer too! Also, they should be charming and never give up on what they are doing. The girls will love them and be happy to see them!”

What advice would you give your JBFC sisters who may visit the U.S. in the future?:

Leticia: “To my sisters who visit the U.S. – first, always be thankful, helpful, and enjoy every second! Second, listen to whatever you are told and do as you are told, because you will learn so many new things! And always remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

Salome: “The advice I would give to the other girls who will also come to the U.S. is that they have to be confidence and happy for everything. Also, get ready for everything that they will be asked to do and try everything!”

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