Salome and Leticia On The Road: Part 1

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Editor’s Note: This year, two of our residential girls, Salome and Leticia, came to visit the United States to explore our support communities, visit volunteers who have been to our campus, and learn more about the United States and its education system. This was the first trip overseas for both Salome and Leticia, and as you can imagine, quite an eye-opening experience for the both of them! This blog will be the first in a series over the next couple of weeks, where the girls themselves share about this incredible experience!

What has surprised you most about your time in the U.S.?

Leticia: “That most people pay with cards! I was surprised people don’t pay in cash, and how people buy tickets on their phones and use them right off their phones! I was also very surprised at how developed the U.S. is. There are so many buildings and everything is so developed, I was so shocked and amazed!”

Salome: “The most surprising thing to be in America is I did not know how they put your money in the cards. At La Reina (a school we went to visit in California), they even pay using a fingerprint! I was very surprised to see someone doing that and the student said that’s what they do and money will come out of your account when you buy things for lunch. I was also really amazed when we went to a museum and I saw a helicopter, airplane, and four cars INSIDE of a building. When I asked our host how they got inside, she said they separated the wings and put them inside and then put the wings back on. I didn’t know they could do that!”

What were you most nervous about before the trip?:

Leticia: “Before the trip, I was so nervous about the interview at the embassy. After I passed that, I was more nervous about the long flights and being off the ground for 23 hours! It was scary, but I made it!”

Salome: “On our way to Mwanza when we were leaving, it was raining so I got nervous that our plane would be cancelled. When we arrived at the airport, it became a little bit sunny so I became happy!”

What has been your favorite food or restaurant on this trip?:

Leticia: “Pasta has been one of my favorite foods. That and sandwiches and toast and peanut butter. And I love Italian restaurants! They are my favorite!”

Salome: “My favorite food in America has been the cheese and beef burgers and pepperoni and sausage pizzas because they taste really delicious. I wish I would know how to make them, so that one day I will be able to eat my own pizzas and burgers made by myself!”

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