Progressed as Promised- Kitongo 2011

June 11, 2011 7:16 pm Published by

Several friends of Margaret Paul’s, my aunt, approached me a few months ago about donating to JBFC for her 50th birthday. We talked, behind Margaret’s back of course, about the various projects Margaret would appreciate on campus, and they started sending in donations. Thanks to their generosity, and my aunt getting old, we are now in the process of building a laundry area, tiling all of our dorms, and building a playground at the school.

All of these projects are helping keep in line with the theme for this year: re-organizing. We have been taking a step back, looking at what needs to be done, and maintaining what we have already before we plan to take the next step forward in June or July- our secondary school. It has been an incredibly busy time, getting all of these smaller projects completed, but our girls have been extremely excited, and we think we are going to have the coolest playground in all of East Africa- we are building traditional-looking huts on stilts, connected by swinging bridges, with a tricycle race-track, teter-toters, swings, and all of the other playground necessities.

We send a special thanks to all of Marg’s friends who made these projects a reality, and we would also like to share a short video sent to Margaret on her birthday to tell her about these projects. We hope you enjoy:

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