Papa’s Café & Bungalows

Picturesque sunrises, beautifully decorated bungalows right on the shores of Lake Victoria, and farm fresh meals in our open-air restaurant are just a few of the things Papa’s has to offer.

Since 2012, Papa’s has always had two main goals. The first is to serve as an on-campus business, providing a valuable source of income for Mainsprings and modeling that Tanzania has many of the resources it needs to be profitable and sustainable. The second goal is to serve as a training ground for underprivileged youth in one of the largest industries in Tanzania- tourism. Our two year training program equips these young men and women with the skills they need to thrive in the many hotels and lodges across the national parks, ultimately providing them with a stable livelihood.

By visiting Papa’s, you will not only have a memorable, relaxing time, but your stay directly supports our mission to alleviate extreme rural poverty- one child, one community at a time!  Click here for more information about staying or eating at Papa’s.