Mainsprings has spent the last 12 years developing our campus model and experiencing the impact it has on our children, staff, local community, and even larger district.  We have weathered many challenges and celebrated many successes.  We have seen the way our campus model creates the resources for communities to experience radical transformation. In Kitongo, we have seen thousands of lives changed and a small village become a bustling economic center in the area.  In 2016, we began development of our second site about three house about from Kitongo in a village called Kahunda. We began by developing a farm and implementing a permaculture program to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible from an early stage at this new campus- a lesson learned from the development of our first campus. Later, we added the girls home and have begun to add classes to our school year by year.  Over the next decade, we intend to complete this campus along with two other campuses in order to affect the lives of thousands of children and their families across Tanzania and greater East Africa.  View our current projects here!

Single Campus capacity…

  • 420 primary and secondary students
  • 20 vocational college students
  • 75 employees
  • 48 residential girls
  • 100 farmers educated annually
  • 1600 patients treated annually
  • 12 community health seminars annually