A look back at our 2023 Impact Reprt

Changemaker Family Impact

served 79 Changemaker families

Our 2023 Impact

Transformative Education IMPACT

Offering benefits such as:

Competitive Sports
2 Healthy
Instruction in Agriculture & Rural Enterprise

Care for the most vulnerable

In 2023 we provided a home and full-time care and support for 58 of the community’s most vulnerable girls, along with financial and emotional support as each girl transitions from Mainsprings to the wider world and pursues higher education.

To date, Mainsprings has supported 32 of our most vulnerable girls to pursue higher education and earn degrees in education, law, communications, banking, and other fields.

The 2023 Harvest

A total harvest of 33,406kgs of healthy fruits and vegetables and Y livestock raised across our two campuses

These harvests fed our students and were sold to top-tier markets to help sustain Mainsprings financially.

Looking ahead to 2024

Our student numbers will grow to 740 over the next six years as we add new classes to our second campus.

Come and See.

Join us in Tanzania. Learn more about our yearly trips and how you can come and be a part of all that we are doing in Tanzania at Mainsprings!

Get Involved.

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