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UPDATE: more pictures of JBFC’s Christmas vacation on our Facebook page.
About four years ago, we started the holiday tradition of going on a family vacation for Christmas. As our family has grown from a dozen girls to nearly FOUR DOZEN children, this has been a wonderful bonding experience for all of us.
These fun-filled family vacations haven’t been without the kind of trials and tribulations (see the picture about African roads) that great family memories are made of (you know the ones that are incredibly frustrating in the moment and hilarious in the aftermath).
So enjoy our family vacation through these pictures and Merry Christmas to you and yours.
This year, the Christmas vacation destination was a campground in the Serengeti National Wildlife Park. It’s a beautiful lodge called Kijereshi, where we can camp out, swim, and enjoy. We set out from our campus in Kitongo in high spirits, but it wasn’t long before we saw this sign.
But we soldiered on (our bus might have gotten stuck a couple of times) and we arrived here.

 It’s a a gorgeous campsite, but for the kids, this was the real draw…

JBFC pretty much took over the pool.

 The girls were having so much fun swimming, we had to make them get out and rest (it had been five hours straight). Here’s Yonga flying through the air….

We started calling Yonga starfish, because she would lay spread eagle in the water, try to float, and inevitably sink to the bottom of the pool.

After our two days of fun, this is what we ran into on the way home.

Yes, that is a dam in the middle of the road. A farmer decided he was more in need of a water source for his cows than a road.
It took a while, but we all made it back to campus safe, sound, and full of Christmas cheer.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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