Mainsprings welcomes 5 new girls to the family!

July 23, 2018 11:21 am Published by

KITONGO, TANZANIA – With secondary school graduation each December, that means that more and more of our residential girls are graduating out of our residential program and transitioning into the next phase of their lives – higher education! While we are simultaneously sad about their departure from our campus and excited for what the future will hold for them, this inevitably means that more space becomes available in our dormitories and our residential program. 

In 2018, we have been blessed to welcome five new girls into our constantly growing family. While many of our summer volunteers have already had the opportunity to meet our newest girls, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce them to all of our supporters:



Hawa is 14 years old, loves learning about Chemistry in school, and is enjoying learning how to play basketball!






Ashura is 9 years old, loves to each chicken and fries, and enjoys studying English at school!






Salma is 7 years old, loves to sing, and dreams of one day becoming a doctor!






Winnie is 3 years old, loves to play and enjoys bossing all of her older sisters and volunteers around!






Mpelwa is 2 years old, loves to play and eat treats, and enjoys being carried around by her older sisters!