JBFC Celebrates Primary Graduates

September 27, 2016 5:41 pm Published by

KITONGO – JBFC celebrates its sixth class of primary school graduates from Joseph & Mary Schools. Two dozen seventh graders made up the class, including five of JBFC’s residential girls.

“Joseph and Mary’s 6th Annual 7th Grade Graduation was a wonderful day of family, friends, community, and achievement,” said JBFC’s Chief Operating Officer in Tanzania, Seth Diemond.

“Mr. Fred [head of Primary School] did a wonderful job planning the ceremony. As an administrator, I am extremely proud of how our teachers, staff, community, government officials, and JBFC girls came together to honor and celebrate the achievements of our 7th graders and their families.”

The guest of honor for this year’s primary school graduation was Joseph Kaswa, who is the head school inspector for the district of Magu. He toured JBFC’s campus and officially welcomed the graduates.

Primary and secondary students from all grade levels performed at the ceremony, capped off by JBFC’s “Glee Group,” who wrote a remix to a popular pop-song. The guest of honor was very impressed, saying “wow, I can’t believe the way they are singing in English, congratulations on a job well done.”

As the guest of honor, Mr. Kaswa also addressed the graduates, congratulating JBFC for its work in community development. He also advised the students to be careful with the decisions they make as the enter secondary school and to avoid “bad groups.”

JBFC’s Dean of Students, Mr. Samo gave out class awards for music, sports, leadership, and academics.

The celebration concluded with a big feast including pilau, which is Tanzanian spiced rice, beef, chicken, cabbage, fruit, and sodas.

JBFC’s Joseph & Mary School opened in 2010. This is its 6th class of primary school graduates. JBFC has graduated more than 120 primary school students in its history.