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Papa’s – great food, but an even better cause. That’s the slogan for JBFC’s campus restaurant, Papa’s Cafe. The restaurant first opened in 2012 as a way to raise revenue to support JBFC’s girls’ home, school, farm, and healthcare efforts. Sustainability has never tasted so good, with JBFC’s farm providing fresh food, the cafe’s workers are all underserved youth, and all of the profits help keep JBFC operating. The restaurant was so popular, JBFC expanded to double its capacity. Read more about Papa’s Cafe on JBFC Online. Scroll down for a photo tour of the new restaurant.
Papa’s is located on the southeast end of JBFC’s 65-acre campus and a has a gorgeous view of Lake Victoria.
On the left is a picture of the original Papas, opened in the summer of 2012. On the right is the new addition to Papas, featuring an elevated patio. Sand-seating at the original Papa’s will still be available. But the kitchen (the white structure in the left picture) will be torn down.

Papa’s has been under construction since June. Summer volunteers worked hand and hand with JBFC employees to construct the new building.
This is the new dining room.
The famous boat bar was moved from the beach front dining area to the new dining area.
It was very heavy, but worth the effort.
A table in the new dining area.
Papa’s Cafe features custom-made Shanga Glass, supporting another Tanzanian non-profit that trains physically-challenged individuals in glassworks, jewelry and other craft skills. 
Shanga not only employs people who might not be able to find work otherwise, they also use recycled glass bottles to create their pieces. They did turquoise glass especially for us!

Our new kitchen. It’s twice as big as the old one.
Papa’s may have a new look, but the pizza is still the same. Farm fresh, grilled to perfection, and delicious!
JBFC would like to thank Penny Ashford, Elisa Masso and Ashley Miller for the beautiful photos used in the making of this blog.

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