Mzee Kitula – A Lifetime of Achievement

January 22, 2019 1:22 pm Published by

This past Friday, the staff, students, and community of Kitongo gathered together as Mzee Kitula, our Campus Manager at our flagship campus, was presented with the equivalent of a “Lifetime Achievement Award”. Mzee Kitula has been with Mainsprings for 10 years now, and this award was given to him to recognize his countless contributions to our organization and campus over the past decade.

Mzee Kitula stands with his wife and plaque with the Kitongo Management and Central Administration teams.

Mzee Kitula has built nearly every structure on the Kitongo campus, has input on nearly every project and program, and has been a friend, advisor, and teammate to hundreds. He is a perfect example of one of our local leaders who is helping lead the charge for community empowerment in rural Tanzania.

Mzee Kitula was given a plaque during the Friday school assembly which will then be hung in his honor. He then celebrated, along with the Kitongo management team, Central Administration team, and his wife “Mama Kitula” with cake and sodas at Papa’s.

Chris Gates, Founder & CEO said, “Mzee Kitula is one of the most integral parts of our leadership in Tanzania and we would not be anything close to where we are today without his dedication. He is constantly seen on campus in the first hours of the morning and frequently stays until after dark to make sure every corner of our campus is running and progressing as it should. From his construction skills to his wisdom when dealing with our community and government, Mzee Kitula has had a hand in just about everything we do and we are so proud of him for receiving this Lifetime Achievement Award- it is well deserved!”

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