Midterms and Break Times

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 After a couple of very long and intense weeks, the JBFC girls are ready for a two-week school break.

All the 7th graders at Joseph and Mary School took the National Exams last week, all Form 2 students took mock exams, grades 1-6 had regular school testing in 5 subjects and Forms 1 and 3 had regular testing in 9 subjects including biology, civics, math, Swahili, English and history!

One of our JBFC girls in Form 3, Pelu, said it was very hard to study for all the different exams and she is now so happy that it is all over.

No one at school has had an easy week lately!

To celebrate the conclusion of another school term and give a job well done to the students of J&M for working so hard on their exams, the entire student body was invited to participate in a talent show.

Volunteers from Form 1, 2, and 3 kicked it off with a drama entitled “2 Hours Left.” They acted out a scene in which the daughter of a wealthy man seeks revenge from the mob that murdered her father for his money and diamonds. She warns that they only have two hours left to live until they are taken in the same fashion that her father was taken away from her. Several of our JBFC girls participated in the drama. It was well thought out and performed even though the group had little time to practice due to their exam schedule.

Next up were two singing acts by yours truly, Zai and Salome. The Frozen soundtrack is still a big hit around here (Editor’s Note: Bonus feature on JBFC’s Facebook page ww.facebook.com/JBFCTanzania  of JBFC girls singing Frozen. Warning: Dangerously Cute), so they performed their rendition of “Let It Go” and a catchy song they learned from our Bronxville group volunteers called “A Great Big Moose.” The crowd loved them for their confidence to perform in front of the entire school! Every show performer received a soda after school as a thank you for showing off their great talent.

Teachers also recognized top 3 performers in each grade at the assembly. The awards were based on grades, participation and manners at school. Each student received a big congratulations from their teacher and school head master, Mr. Samo plus a new exercise book and writing utensil.

We are so proud of the many JBFC girls that were mentioned and must give a shout out to: Getu in 1st grade, Philipa in 2nd grade, Rachel and Zai in 4th grade, and to Lau and Abby in 6th grade!

The JBFC girls won’t be sleeping in too much or lounging around on their break. I spoke with Nyamlawa, the JBFC Girls Government President, and she said the committee has come up with many chores and projects for all the girls to keep busy during the break.

The first thing is mandatory reading four days a week for at least 30 minutes. The girls’ dorm area will go silent in the afternoon and all girls are expected to be reading a book of their choice. They were given “reading bracelets” to wear as a reminder. The older girls are expected to work on the farm for an hour everyday watering, digging, and planting new seeds. The younger girls were put in charge of cleaning up the dorm area by picking up trash and watering the lemongrass plants that surround the dining hall.

Lastly, all the girls are involved in planning an appreciation party for the wonderful matrons that take care of them every day but that is a surprise so don’t say anything!

Don’t worry though, the girls will have plenty of down time too- I foresee movie watching, plenty of soccer playing and lots of singing and dancing over the next two weeks as well. Hopefully they will all be refreshed and rejuvenated to head back to school for another great term.

Blogger Lauren Lesch is Assistant to JBFC’s Executive Director, Chris Gates.

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