Meet the Girls: Class of 2016

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Last year, JBFC graduated our first class of secondary students, including eight of our residential girls. Those girls are now continuing their educations at Form 5, colleges, and vocational schools around the country and we will continue to keep you updated on their progress.

This year, the Joseph and Mary Secondary School’s graduating class will feature four JBFC residential girls. We would like to take this time to introduce them to you as they head toward their final semester of Form 4.


Kulwa is the President of the Girls’ Government this year. Her favorite subjects in school are Math and Science, and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. In addition to helping organize and run the Girls’ Government activities, Kulwa plays on the JBFC football team as their goalie and enjoys singing and drawing. Kulwa and her older sister, Sophie, who graduated last year, were among JBFC’s first residential girls.


Neema’s favorite subjects in school are English and Biology. She hopes to be a businesswoman when she’s older, so she can have shops and sell clothes, food, and accessories. Neema loves to play soccer, cook pizza, read, and swim. She is in the Music club at Joseph and Mary Secondary School, sings in the JBFC choir, and is an amazing singer!


Rose is a very diligent student at Joseph and Mary School, and she enjoys Civics, Geography, and English. When she grows up, she wants to work for a nonprofit organization like JBFC, so she can help people like her sisters and herself. At school, Rose participates in the Creative Writing club. She is also a member of the JBFC choir and JBFC football team, and loves to cook and dance. She loves to make her sisters laugh and is known on campus for her sense of fashion!


Since the day she arrived at JBFC, Vero has been a great help to the matrons and a wonderful role model for all the girls. She is very kind-hearted and is well-respected by all of the younger girls at JBFC. She enjoys going to school and is an attentive and inquisitive student and hopes to be a journalist when she grows up. She loves dancing, playing soccer, and eating pizza!

For every 10 girls enrolled in primary school in Tanzania, only about four transition to secondary school. Just 41%. And even fewer actually make it to graduation day. At JBFC, we’re so proud of a hard-working students. They’re beating the odds and they couldn’t do it without your support. If you’re interested in helping them attend higher education, please click here.

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