Making the Dream a Reality

February 28, 2012 9:52 am Published by

The exciting time has come where our first campus in Kitongo, Tanzania is nearing completion. Over the past few weeks, our new Director of Development, Ashli Sims, and myself have completed a strategic plan for the future development of JBFC. We have budgeted and phased a general development plan for the construction of future campuses based on the model of our current campus. We have broken the development plan into 8 phases with all of them being completed in roughly 5 years with an estimated $830,000 USD needed for capital needs.

Everyone at JBFC is pleased to announce that our board has approved the first phase of our expansion plan on this second campus. This phase will take approximately 6 months to complete. After we have funding and have a few geological analysts give the site approval, JBFC will begin construction of our second campus. The site of the second campus will be about an hour and a half south of Kitongo in a town called Mwampuru (pictured below). The local government has donated 50 acres to JBFC for this campus, and we are thrilled that our services are being well recognized and welcomed in a neighboring community. We are very excited to expand the JBFC family so stay tuned for updates as me move closer to breaking ground on JBFC’s next location!

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