Lawrenceville Students Host 2nd Olympics

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During their visit to campus, the students and chaperones from The Lawrenceville School organized an Olympic Games for the JBFC girls and students from Compassion, a nearby school. This is the second year that Lawrenceville volunteers have helped put on these games! The JBFC girls and Compassion students joined together to form six teams. Each team was led by two Lawrenceville students and was assigned a country and an animal mascot. Some team names included the “Australian Snakes” and the “Japanese Cows”. 

The Olympic Games began with the opening ceremony where a torch led each team to the stage to perform their chant.

Then, the competition started with different games throughout the afternoon such as potato sack races, potato-and-spoon races, crab walk relays, three-legged races, and leap-frog races. The games were clearly very popular with the students and girls!
“My favorite part was running with the potato sack,” said Rehema, one of JBFC’s residential girls.
“I was on the cow team with Kevin (Lawrenceville volunteer),” said Yonga, another JBFC residential girl. “The crab walk was my favorite game!”
The score keeper tallied points after each race. The closing ceremonies included awards, prizes, and a huge dance party! 
Lawrenceville did a phenomenal job organizing this fun afternoon for the JBFC girls and Compassion students. The Lawrenceville students were such great coaches and cheerleaders for the competitors. The Lawrenceville chaperones kept the games running smoothly and made sure everyone was having fun and staying hydrated. 
Kris, one of the Lawrenceville chaperones, said “It was a great day. The JBFC girls and the students from Compassion got along beautifully, enthusiastically cheered each other on, and had fun together. It was also great to see the young and old students mixing together!”
We can’t wait for them to come back for another year of Olympic Games at JBFC!

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