Kwaheri, Melinda!

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Melinda Wulf, Mainsprings’ Administrative Director in Tanzania, is resigning after four and a half years on our flagship campus.

Originally from Kansas, Melinda traveled to Tanzania in the spring of 2013 to participate in a half marathon, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and go on safari. What she found during her time in Tanzania was a love of the country and its people, a sentiment echoed by many visitors who are lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel here. A mutual friend put her in touch with Mainsprings Founder & CEO, Chris Gates, and in the fall of 2013, Melinda left her career as a media planner to move to Tanzania to become our Administrative Director.

In the four and a half years that Melinda has worked with Mainsprings, she has helped to professionalize our financial structure in Tanzania and has managed the human resources for our ever-growing staff, among many other things, such as starting swimming lessons for our residential girls and connecting us with a self-defense program!

Melinda’s presence will be missed on campus and many of our staff and residential girls who have come to know her best through the years, had this to say:

“I will miss Melinda for many reasons – she was caring, and gave solutions to every problem we faced. She gave me the knowledge of how to use money wisely to improve the standards of living.” – Mr. Fred (7th Grade teacher and Head of the Primary School)

“She taught us how to swim and we are going to miss swimming with her a lot! She is generous, listens to people’s problems, and she is funny and takes us for hikes” – Dorm E

“We love Melinda so so much. She will always be in our hearts and minds. We love the entire Wulf family!” – Salome

“I will miss Melinda because she has always been there to help me. She connected me with the self-defense program, which I love and use to empower our girls!” – Miss Deo (Matron, Pre-K Teacher and Head of Early Years Program)

“We love Melinda because she is hardworking. She is helpful, kind, honest, and friendly to everyone.” – Dorm C

Melinda, we will miss you!!! Kwaheri rafiki!

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