Kitongo – A view from above!

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Since our flagship campus in Kitongo is so spread out, it’s often difficult to show people the layout and what it looks like. Recently, with the help of a drone, we were able to get some aerial views to show everyone who has not been able to visit our campus personally (or those of you who haven’t seen it in a while) an updated look!

Below: A view of our science lab, library, secondary school building, administrative building, VETA classrooms, and school dining hall near the upper left. Joseph and Mary Primary school surrounding a mango tree in the courtyard near the center of the photo, and the residential dorms and dining hall along the right side. At the very bottom of the photo are the chicken coops which reside up on the hill.

Below: Views of our chicken coops, pig pens, and sheep runs up on the hill (near the bottom of the photo). From left to right, our residential dorms and dining hall, the guest house, staff housing (partially covered by trees), and more staff housing on the right. Along the shoreline you can see our thriving farm!

Below: Views of our science lab/library and secondary school up top, our administrative building (right), and school dining hall (bottom right corner).

Below: Our administrative building, VETA classrooms, and school dining hall.

Below: Joseph and Mary Primary school with playground to the left, basketball court, and soccer fields behind the school.

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