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Guest Blogger, Kris Mills, joined JBFC in December as assistant to Executive Director Chris Gates.

It is undeniable that Fried Chicken is a favorite dish among Americans. I mean who doesn’t love to bite into a juicy piece of white meat coated with a perfectly seasoned crunchy exterior? And how could one forget those fluffy white mashed potatoes covered in butter and gravy that are also in company?
Well even though I may be living in the far distant land of Tanzania, I for sure have not forgotten this traditional southern meal I’ve grown up eating. In fact, yesterday Chris, Kayci and I successfully made this favored dish. However, unlike in America where one can easily drive over to the local grocery store and buy some chicken, in Tanzania it’s done a little differently.
And yesterday, I was given the unsettling task of killing our dinner.

Though I’m not a vegetarian, the idea of killing another breathing creature is unsettling to me to say the least and rarely done on my part besides the occasional spider or cockroach. I was not thrilled about killing our chickens to then be fried to savory perfection but having lived at JBFC for the past month or so I’ve gained a new perspective on food, particularly livestock.

Here at JBFC, we have an extensive livestock and agriculture component that is necessary in keeping the organization sustainable. From spinach to pigs to potatoes and chickens, the agriculture and livestock programs provide food for the JBFC family as well as a source of income. Now being able to view these animals more objectively has made me gain a better understanding and appreciation for their role at JBFC and enabled me to overcome my personal inhibitions in killing livestock.

While I won’t go into too many details about the killing itself, I will say that I did not have nightmares the following night and may even do the deed again if the opportunity arises. All I can say is at that night’s dinner, I had some of the best fried chicken I have ever eaten in my life!

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