JBFC’s Year in Review

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2013 has been an incredible year at JBFC. We’ve grown and changed, while staying true to our mission… ending poverty one child at a time. Here are some of the highlights from our year.

We couldn’t have done any of it without all of you. Thanks for all of the love, support, and prayers over the last year. We will need all of that and more in the year to come. We have big plans in store for 2014 and we will make sure we keep you informed of all that’s going on in Tanzania, right here on this blog. So stay tuned…

In 2013, JBFC expanded our campus and got a bird’s eye view of all that we have done in our village of Kitongo, Tanzania.

Thanks to some generous friends we added a dining hall big enough for our entire school community, where we served 200,000 meals in 2013.

Our students at Joseph & Mary School continued to excel, outscoring the rest of the students in our district.

And to keep our kids making the grade… JBFC launched Book by Book to build the JBFC Library.

We said farewell to old friends…

George & Connie
Kayci Hebard

And said hello to some new ones…

Seth Diemond
Melinda Wulf

We had more guests…


doing more things….



and raising more money and awareness about JBFC than ever before.

Nina’s Share the Joy of Reading Project

Emily’s Art for Africa Project

We swapped letters with our new pen pals in New York…

Exchanged art with some talented girls in Tulsa…

… which was featured in a local art show.

We flexed our creative muscles in other ways…

… learning drama and taking to the stage.

Thanks to our Permaculture partners, JBFC’s farm is growing more fruitful and efficient by the day, providing our campus with most of our food needs and saving the organization money.

And we expanded our campus restaurant, Papa’s, so we can serve more customers, help train more underprivileged youth, and continue to make JBFC more self-sustaining.

We partnered with the Walkabout Foundation to give some of our handicapped students some new wheels.

We saw more smiles…


and had more laughs…


than one year should be able to hold.

But 2014 promises to be even better.

For more information about JBFC and its mission, please check out our website.

For more pictures from JBFC, please visit our Facebook page.

And don’t forget we’re on Youtube, releasing monthly videos to give you more insight into what’s happening in Tanzania.

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