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Editor’s Note: JBFC’s Joseph & Mary Schools’ year has come to a close. The students are on their summer break until the new year starts at the end of January. The end of the 2014 school year was marked with a year-end assembly, where the top three students in each grade level were recognized.

JBFC is proud to announce that six of JBFC’s residential girls earned those top slots. The following is a quick introduction to these stellar students. If you’re interested in supporting a student’s education, please click here.


Shida, Kindergarten
Before Shida joined the JBFC family two years ago, she had never regularly attended school. Now she’s at the top of her class. Her teacher says her behavior is good and she received excellent marks in reading and writing.

Gertruda, 1st Grade
Like her sister, Shida, Gertruda also never regularly attended school until two years ago. But that hasn’t stopped her from excelling. Her favorite subjects are Math and English and she received top marks in both.

Zai, 4th Grade
Zai continues to be a standout student. She made straight A’s this year, despite spending more than a month visiting the U.S. in April and May. Math and English are her favorite subjects.

Laurencia, 5th Grade
Laurencia tends to be recognized for her soccer skills, but this jock is also an all-star in the classroom. She’s at the head of the class and her favorite subjects are science and math. 


Abby, 6th Grade
Abby received top marks in science, which is one of her favorite subjects along with math and English. She’s working hard in the classroom now, so she can achieve her dream of becoming a businesswoman when she grows up.


Maggie, Form 1 (8th grade)
Maggie finished her first year of secondary school near the top of her class. Her favorite subject is Biology, which she aced, but she also did well in History and Civics. She wants to be a lawyer when she grows up.

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