JBFC’s 2016 Star Students

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JBFC’s Joseph & Mary Schools is officially closed for its spring break. Our 330 primary and secondary students have been studying hard. And JBFC is proud to announce these ten residential girls have risen to the top of their classes.

Abby, Form 1 (8th Grade): Rank #1
In her first year of secondary school, Abby has continued to excel. She’s ranked first in her class. Her favorite school subject is English.

Happy, Form 2 (9th Grade): Rank #4
Happy is ranked fourth in her class out of 18 students. Her favorite school subjects are biology and chemistry.

Leticia, Form 2 (9th Grade): Rank #1

Leticia has consistently scored at the top of her class. She’s continuing to do well in secondary school, despite the tougher subject matter. English is her favorite subject.

Laurencia, 7th Grade: Ranked #2
Lau has her eye on primary school graduation at the end of 2016. She’s continuing to work hard and loves math.

Margaret, Form 3 (10th Grade): Ranked #2

Maggie is also one of our star students. She’s ranked second in her class and she loves biology.

Neeama Mathew, 7th Grade: Ranked #5

Neema is ranked in the top five of her class. She loves science (and Justin Bieber).

Reka James, Form 1 (8th Grade): Ranked #5
Reka is also making the grade this year. She can’t decide if she loves physics or civics more.

Valentina, Form 1 (8th Grade): Ranked #3
In Vale’s first year of secondary school, she has started to distinguish herself. She’s working extremely hard and she’s really enjoying biology. 
Getruda, 3rd Grade: Ranked #2
Getu is excelling in the third grade! She loves swimming, playing games, and drawing flowers and princesses.
Shida, 2nd Grade: Ranked #2
Getu’s little sister, Shida, is also doing an amazing job at school! She is also ranked second in her grade and her favorite subject is English.

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