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JBFC hosted a photo exhibit and silent auction on Saturday in Tulsa, featuring photographs taken by some of our volunteers last summer. Here’s just a sample of a few photos they captured. And in the volunteers’ own words why the pictures and the moments behind them are so special.

Breaking Barriers
By Emily Wilson, Holland Hall

To me, this picture epitomizes the relationships that guests form with the girls at JBFC. It depicts our differences, whether they be differences in skin color, class, or language. But regardless of where you come from or the language you speak, the girls at JBFC welcome everyone, and it’s impossible for us visitors not to adore them.

Jackie Reading
By Emma Owens, Cascia Hall

This picture reminds me of all of the girls’ desire to learn, gratitude for the opportunity to be educated, and perseverance in the classroom. Every time I see it, I am motivated to excel so one day I can hopefully bring the tools back go JBFC and make it a better place.

By Anna Sokolosky, Holland Hall

I absolutely love this picture of Abby, this was taken on Watoto Africa (Children of Africa Day), while she was enjoying her new goodies!

Esther with Sunglasses
By Leigh Chevaillier, Cascia Hall

Esther, a sassy, loving, and fun 5 year old, is able to grow up with a family who loves her unconditionally. She is able to enjoy the lovely things of being a five year old like wearing a new pair of sunglasses and not having a worry in the world.

Thank you to all of the JBFC Ambassadors – Camille Sokolosky, Will Jezek, Nancy Baumann, Anna Sokolosky, Emma Owens, Emily Wilson, Leigh Chevaillier – who participated in last Saturday’s event and all of those generous friends who bid on and purchased photos during the silent auction.

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