JBFC & TGAS Art Exchange, Part 3

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This is the third in a series of blogs about an international art exchange project between  JBFC (Janada Batchelor Foundation for Children) and the Tulsa Girls Art School (TGAS). Twenty-one Tulsa girls collaborated with 21 of our girls in Tanzania to create a series of pieces that have now traveled more than 30,000 miles. They will go on display at the African Circles Art Show at Tulsa’s Circle Cinema, starting July 11 and continuing through September.
This blog offers a sneak peak of the art show and the process that created it, right here. I will introduce you to the artists and show how their pieces developed over the last five months. 

Don’t forget to check out the art show which begins Thursday, July 11th.
In case you missed it, check out the first piece previewed in this series, click here. And for the second, click here.

Saleen & Elizabeth

15-year-old Saleen, Tulsa, was partnered with 17-year-old Eliza, Tanzania. Saleen likes to draw, listen to music and joke around a lot. Elizabeth, nicknamed Eliza, loves to sing and sew.  
1st Layer by Saleen
2nd Layer by Elizabeth
3rd Layer by Saleen
4th Layer by Elizabeth
Back of the Canvas

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