JBFC New Faces: Paskazia Emmanuel

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 Editor’s Note: JBFC recently hired Paskazia Emmanuel as our new campus nurse. She will also serve as JBFC’s newest matron. We sat down with Paskazia (pictured wearing pink fourth from the left) to ask her a little bit about herself and why she wanted to work at JBFC.

Name: Paskazia Emmanuel

Hometown: Shinyanga, Tanzania

School: Bugando School of Nursing

Why did you want to become a nurse?

PE: I wanted to be a nurse since pre-school, when I got sick with chicken pox. My mother took me to the hospital and later brought me home. Upon reaching home, my mother was still worried, so she called a nurse to come help take care of me at home. The way the nurse took care of me, gave me medicine and lotion, fed me, really stuck with me. And that’s what inspired me to be a nurse and care for others. Also, my aunt is a nurse and she’s my role model.

Why do you want to work at JBFC?

PE: I love to help and advise kids and teenagers, as they become young adults. I’m excited about working for JBFC because it gives me the chance to help children find their passions and dreams in life- not necessarily in school but also in other ways.

What do you think of the new clinic?

PE: I love it. It is plenty big!

What do you like to do outside of work?

PE: I enjoy reading newspapers.

This is the nurse’s station Paskazia setup in JBFC’s Dorm F.

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