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During summer, JBFC is bustling with guests. We have a wide range of guests from high school groups to families to our ever-growing summer internship program. The internship program is an opportunity for youth to come spend a longer period of time at JBFC with ownership over a certain area of need for JBFC.

Here is a little about the interns on campus right now.

Peter Kowarick is from Bronxville, NY and has been our Right to Play coordinator for the last couple of months. He has played soccer and capture the flag for countless hours with our school children and JBFC girls. He loved it here so much he decided to stay at JBFC for another month!

Camille Sokolosky, a student at Oklahoma State University, is working on reorganizing our entire library based on literacy level. She has researched the reading level of each and every one of our books on very, very slow Tanzanian Internet. She has re-labeled all the books and is working to shelve the books based on reading level. Kids will now be able to go straight to the section of the library suited for their reading skills.

Borna Kassiri comes to us from Duke University and is a pre-med student who is focusing on science at Joseph and Mary Schools. He brought a binder full of experiments with him and has taught our teachers and students numerous labs. He is also helping us design our new science lab!

Anna Sokolosky is a student at Holland Hall in Tulsa and veteran JBFC volunteer. She is putting her excellent photography skills to work for us this summer. She is helping us put together our first ever Joseph and Mary School Yearbook. She photographed each student in the entire school before we closed for break last week.

Rachel Dow, also from Holland Hall, when not working on the launch of the yearbook, is our resident organizer. She is my personal hero for taking the storeroom in the Rock House by the horns. She is re-organizing everything that is in the storeroom, as well as sorting, inventorying and labeling donations that arrived this summer with the various guest groups. Once she’s done, the girls will get some new clothes, which I know they are all very excited about.

Felix Kowarick, a high school student at Fordham Prep in Bronx, NY, is a jack of all trades. He has been working hard on the farm, helping to sand and varnish the chairs at Papa’s, and yesterday, he and his brother, Peter, counted all the trees on campus. Anyone that has been on campus lately knows that that’s quite the feat.

I also want to give a special shout-out to Hana McGinis and Shannon Foley who have already gone back to the US, but spent a month here doing literacy evaluations of the JBFC girls.

Without the interns, the summer would be a lot less fun for both the girls and the staff alike.You’ll be hearing a lot more from the interns in coming weeks as they blog about their experiences here at JBFC.

If you’re interested in volunteering at JBFC next summer, please click here for details.

Blogger Melinda Wulf is JBFC’s Administrative Director and oversees the summer interns.



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