JBFC Graduates: JBFC’s Girls Then & Now

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Editor’s Note: On Friday, December 4th, JBFC will graduate its first class of secondary students from Joseph & Mary School. Eight of the 28 graduating seniors are part of JBFC’s residential program. 

Some of these girls have lived at JBFC, practically since the beginning. We have watched them grow into beautiful, smart, capable young women over the last eight years. See a visual evolution of each of them and learn a little bit about what makes them special. We hope you are as proud of them as we are. This is only just the beginning for these girls. We hope to help them continue on to higher education, so they can live out their big dreams.

Anna, 18

Anna has lived at JBFC for seven years. She loves English and math and her favorite color is purple. She aspires to become a dentist one day, because she wants to “help people with teeth problems.” In her spare time, she loves gardening to “experience life.”

                                                                                     Elizabeth, 19

Elizabeth or Eliza has lived at JBFC, since practically the beginning. Her favorite school subject is English and her favorite color is green. She wants to be the Director of Education in Tanzania one day, because she wants to “help girls get a better education because most people in Tanzania suffer and [she] wants to give them a better chance.” She also might want to open a center for girls, similar to JBFC, one day.

Imelda, 18

Imelda has lived at JBFC for seven years. She loves studying geography, physics, and biology. Her favorite color is pink. Imelda would like to be a lawyer when she grows up, so she can “debate and help people with their different problems.”


                                                                                             Liku, 18   

Liku has lived at JBFC for almost eight years. English is her favorite subject and her favorite color is pink. She wants to become a lawyer, because she wants to “protect innocent people.” Liku is a star player on JBFC’s football (soccer) club and loves to play, because she enjoys “running and the competition.”

Neema, 18

Neema has lived at JBFC for more than five years. She loves civics in school, because she wants to be a lawyer one day. But she loves geography, because it’s interesting. Neema feels passionately about advocating for children and women. She says “in our country [Tanzania] women are not respected. They are put down. And [she] wants to help them be more respected.” Neema is also a leader on the football field. She hopes to attend a college, where she can chase her football dreams on the field and her legal aspirations in the classroom.

                                                                                   Nyamalwa, 19 

JBFC has been Nyamalwa’s home since practically the beginning. She loves science and English. Many young ladies change aspirations as they age. But Nyamalwa has been consistent in her career dreams. She wants to be a nurse, so “she can help take care of sick people.” She’s a natural leader and caretaker on JBFC’s campus helping oversee her younger sisters. She loves to cook and garden.

Pelu, 17

Pelu has lived at JBFC since she was 9-years-old. She loves school and counts English, history, civics and Swahili among her favorite subjects. Her favorite color is purple. Pelu wants to become a lawyer when she grows up, because she thinks “it will be a good job for [her]. She wants to help people and thinks it will help provide for her family.”

Sophie, 18

JBFC has been Sophie’s home since 2007, when she and her younger sister Kulwa came to live with us. She says her favorite subjects are chemistry and biology and she loves the colors pink and red. She wants to become a doctor one day, so she can “help older people and children who need help.”

If you would like to help JBFC’s graduating seniors achieve their higher education dreams, please consider supporting JBFC’s Annual Fund. Make sure to designate your donation to the Mimi Memorial Higher Education Fund.

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