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As far too many parents know, it’s extremely hard to say goodbye to our teens as they grow up and leave the nest. This time of year, Facebook is filled with stories of parents tearfully sending their kids off to college- a wonderful accomplishment, but difficult and emotional, nonetheless.

All of us at JBFC have been going through those same emotions as we have watched our eight girls who graduated last December head off to the next phase of their life. 

While it is extremely difficult to say goodbye to those individuals as they scatter across Tanzania pursuing their various dreams, the question that lingered last year for all of us is- who are going to be our new leaders now?

For those of you who have visited our campus, you know that we rely heavily on the older girls to be leaders within the JBFC family.

Some of the eight girls who graduated have been around for nine years. During that time, those little girls turned into great leaders within the family.

They helped to make sure the younger girls did chores, took care of their things and rooms, helped the matrons prepare dinner, and were all around incredible role models for their 40 younger sisters.

So, naturally, we were all a bit nervous about the thought of these young women leaving. However, within the first month of these eight graduates leaving campus, the next generation of leaders stepped to the plate and continue to “knock it out of the park.” 
Girls that were once quiet and timid, like Kulwa, are now leading the Girls’ Government. 
Girls like Leticia, Jackie, and Happy are working harder than ever, helping out wherever they can. They even went to a Leadership seminar in Arusha this past summer and did an amazing job representing JBFC! 
These new leaders in the family are not only keeping up with the incredible example set by our graduates, but are finding new ways to lead- improving the chore rotation, creating different activities, and making sure that all of our girls are on the same page!

The examples set by our graduates taught this next generation of girls how to lead and conduct themselves. And, despite our worries, the JBFC family continues to grow, improve and thrive day by day because of these incredible young ladies!

Chris Gates is JBFC’s Founder and CEO. 

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