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I recently wrote about the excitement of opening a new school year at JBFC and Joseph and Mary Schools and the promise for the future that comes with that. This excitement is shared across Tanzania, if not the world. However, there is something that we do at JBFC and Joseph and
Mary Schools that sets us apart from education in the rest of Tanzania- school clubs.

In my five years of working with schools, NGO’s, and students in Tanzania, I have very rarely come across school clubs that actually meet- extra-curricular activities that are an integral part of our
development into well-rounded, well-educated, capable, leaders in America. These activities are even more important in Tanzania where a strict curriculum and a lack of access to resources, information, and tools stunt interest and make it hard for students to gain the knowledge and skills that are often found outside of an official curriculum.

This year, Chris, Melinda, and I will be partnering with our Tanzanian teachers to pass on their knowledge, interests, and skills to students outside of the traditional classroom setting.

This year’s clubs will include:

1st Grade English Competition

-Our pre-school through 3rd grade students will be participating in English games and competitions every Friday to improve their basic understanding of the English language.

-Chris and one of our science teachers, Mr. Cornelly, will be leading a poly-culture club to pass along to our students the skills that our poly-culture experts have taught us. They will be learning techniques in sustainable agriculture, methods to be self-reliant as they become young adults, and the joy that comes with working on a farm to provide your own food.

Budding Young Journalists

-Melinda will be co-leading a journalism club that will eventually produce a school newspaper and a year book and in the process improve our students’ writing skills.

Neema R during Debate Club

-Mr. Freddrick and I will be co-leading a debate and current events club that will pass along our passion and knowledge of world events to our students and train them in speaking in front of groups, sharing ideas, and the importance of valuing different perspectives and viewpoints.

Debate Club trying not to laugh during tongue twisters

Jonas laughing during Drama Club


-A reading club led by our librarian, Mr. Simon, will involve students in reading groups and book clubs to improve their reading and comprehension skills. The ability to read in English and to appreciate the value of books is an integral part of educating the next generation of Tanzanian leaders.

-Other teachers will be leading clubs in arts and crafts, music, and drama.

Something so often taken for granted in America and often under-appreciated is helping us revolutionize and re-define education in Tanzania and in our effort to create well rounded, well-informed, global leaders.

Blogger Seth Diemond is JBFC’s Campus Director.

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